10 x Bulk Pack Squeezy Fidget Toys

10 x Bulk Pack Squeezy Fidget Toys

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10 x Mixed bulk pack of Squeezy Fidget Toys! Random mix of all different colours and soft textures! Perfect for schools, Occupational Therapists and organisations!


Our fun and quirky range of tactile squeezy fidget toys are effective sensory tools to improve focus and attention, reduce stress and anxiety, and relieve muscle tension.

What are Fidget Toys and how do they work?

Do you or does your child often seek out things to play with and touch to keep their hands busy? This is the result of the environment not providing the required sensory input that the individual needs to function at an optimal level. Seeking out objects to touch and feel is a self-regulating behaviour that assists to calm the nervous system, which results in better cognitive functioning and self-organisation, and the ability to concentrate and be more alert.

The purpose of Fidget Toys is to provide healthy sensory input, localised to the hands, as an alternative to other more distracting 'sensory seeking' behaviours. Fidget toys are tactile sensory tools that are smaller in size and suitable as hand-held objects that can be manipulated, squeezed or stretched. 

Fidget toys better enable the brain to filter out the excess sensory information from their own body or the environment, and redirects this excess sensory information in a more manageable way - by focusing on the fidget toy in the hands only.

It's no coincidence that our hands are the brains automatic 'go to' process for fidgeting behaviours. The hands are hyper sensitive to touch and by targeting the tactile and visual sensory systems with specifically designed fidget toys we can create a happy brain with improved functioning capabilities. 

So no matter what age, Fidget Toys can provide benefits at school, home or work and with our adorable designs, you've also gained a new furry googly eyed friend!


Product Details

Our Squeezy Fidget Toys measure approximately 8 - 15cm (depending on the fluffiness of the fabric!) and are filled with a high quality dense memory foam that can be squeezed for therapeutic benefits. The colourful furry textures provide an additional level of tactile and visual stimulation that enables self-soothing through patting, stroking and playing with super soft tactile feels.


Care Instructions

Spot clean or wash in cold soapy water. Do not apply any heat. Air dry.