'Ladybug' Weighted Lap Toy

'Ladybug' Weighted Lap Toy

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This adorable Ladybug is a 1.5KG weighted toy that can be hugged and held or placed on your lap to enjoy the comforting weighted sensory pressure. Great for young children who could benefit from weighted sensory therapy and who would love a new special friend to make them feel happy and safe.

Size: Measures approximately 40cm long and 30cm wide,

Materials: Made with high quality faux furry fabric on top and ultra soft minky fabric underneath his belly and is double stitched and double layered to ensure strength and durability.

Weight: 1.5kg Plastic Poly Pellets

Weighted Sensory Toys offer therapeutic calming benefits as well the comfort of a new play friend. Our Weighted Lap Toys are excellent sensory tools that uniquely combine the benefits of a weighted blanket and a fidget toy together!

With triple the sensory benefits, our weighted lap toys can improve focus and attention, reduce stress and anxiety, and assist self-regulation of emotions and behaviours.


How do they work?

Weighted Lap Cushions & Toys are used by placing them on the individuals lap whilst sitting (either at home, school or work station) and can also be used whilst laying down and placing the cushion on the chest, stomach or back to alleviate anxiety.

Similar to our weighted blankets, the weighted pressure acts as a type of deep touch pressure therapy that stimulates the proprioceptive sense to help the nervous system relax. The weighted toy acts as a physical and psychological 'grounding' mechanism that calms the body and mind. The visual and tactile sensory input (i.e. colourful and furry textures!) offer similar benefits to our fidget toys, in that they enable the brain to self-organise and filter out distracting excess sensory information from the body and surrounding environment by redirecting focus to the the hands through tactile engagement.

Our weighted cushions and toys can be especially helpful for individuals who find themselves uncomfortable and fidgety, children who are seen as 'wiggly' that can't keep still, and individuals who sometimes find it difficult to concentrate and get easily distracted. Make your brain happy with our Happy Senses Weighted Lap Cushions and feel better in style.


Care Instructions

Spot clean or wash entire product in cold soapy water.

Do not apply any heat. Drip dry.