'Red Monster' Weighted Single Blanket 1.8m x 1.1m

'Red Monster' Weighted Single Blanket 1.8m x 1.1m

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Size: Approximately 1.8m x 1.1m.

Weighted Filling: Micro Glass Beads or Plastic Poly Pellets. 

What weighted filling should I choose? We offer both choices to provide the best product for your needs. Plastic poly pellets are a larger sized bead (5mm approx) and are great for lighter weights to fill a larger sized blanket. Plastic poly pellets also work well in our weighted lap cushions to give the cushion a lovely rounded form. Micro glass beads are a much finer filling option (1-2mm approx), similar to the consistency of sand. Glass beads are a great option to weight heavier blankets without the added bulk that plastic pellets have and enable us to add additional weight into a smaller item. Micro glass beads are also a much quieter option (less rustling when moving), which often makes this a better choice for weighted blankets that will be used to help sleep.


Available weights: 3kg, 3.5kg, 4kg, 4.5kg, 5kg, 5.5kg, 6kg, 6.6kg, 7kg, 7.5kg, 8kgs and heavier weights available of 8.5kg, 9kg, 9.5kg & 10kgs with Micro Glass Beads only. The price increases by $5 per each 500 grams.

What weight should I choose?

The recommended weight for a weighted blanket is approximately 10% of the individuals body weight + 500 grams. This can also vary depending on the individuals sensory needs and preferences, as some people may prefer a much heavier or lighter feeling.

If you are choosing one of our single or double sized weighted blankets, we recommend adding an additional 1-2kgs to compensate for the weight that's been evenly dispersed across the whole blanket to maximise the therapeutic benefits.

A good rule to keep in mind is that a weighted blanket needs to be heavy enough to provide therapeutic benefits but light enough that the individual can remove it - so it mostly is all about individual preference!


How do we make our weighted blankets?

All our weighted blankets are made with a double stitched insert, which is gridded up into small 10cm squares and filled with plastic poly pellets or micro glass beads to evenly distribute the weighted pressure across the entire blanket to ensure maximum therapeutic benefits with minimal movement. We then double stitch the weighted insert into a beautifully made double stitched cover, so that you don't have to see or feel the gridded stitching and can maximise the aesthetic appeal of our gorgeous designs and luxurious textures. 


Care Instructions:

Spot clean or gentle hand wash entire blanket in cold soapy water. Lay flat outside to air-dry in shade or line dry.


What are the benefits?

Weighted Blankets can be effective sensory solutions to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and attention, assist emotion and behavioural regulation and provide deep and restful sleep.

The weight acts as a type of deep pressure touch therapy that results in feeling grounded, comforted and calm in a physical and psychological way. When the weighted pressure is deeply applied to your body, serotonin is produced, which lifts your mood and your nervous system relaxes. The serotonin then naturally converts to melatonin and your body feels comforted and calm, enabling your mind and body to relax and rest.