Luxury weighted blankets

Feel happy + calm + sleep better... in style.




We believe that weighted blankets should look & feel as good as the benefits they produce. That's why we've created the next level of sensory products that will make you feel calm + happy in style!

Our flair for glorious colours, luxurious textures and luminous furry night lights sets us apart from the rest.

Discover your perfect calm.

What makes Happy Senses So good?

Triple the sensory benefits.

Happy Senses brings you triple the sensory benefits, with luxurious textures, vivid colours & therapeutic weights.

The best of the best.

We source luxurious fabrics and designer prints from all around the world to bring you the best of the best.

Custom made to benefit you.

Each product is individually made and tailored to provide the most beneficial product for you. We love fulfilling your requests.

Relax now. Pay later. Afterpay it.

Introducing our new Furry Delights.

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Here's what our customers have to say

I recently just received my weighted blanket. I am delighted with a number of things, one of which was your fast response to my email regarding my order address mistake and your wonderful customer service and kindness in fixing this for me. Thank you for ensuring my order arrived (in less than a week and wrapped thoughtfully!)!

I needed something to calm the aches and pinches and pokes of my anxiety and your weighted blanket has truly made a positive impact already. I feel calm, I feel happy, I feel blissful. Oh so blissful. I am beyond happy with my purchase, and it is now part of my healing journey. I thank you deeply, from the bottom of my heart.

Kindest of regards and the warmest, cosiest, heaviest of glass beaded thanks,

- A 16 year old girl who's anxiety is overwhelming, yet bliss profound.

Joanna, B. August 1, 2018.

I purchased two weighted blankets for Christmas presents last year and all I can say is “WOW”.  Bliss was just amazing in helping me choose the colour and the appropriate weight of my blankets. I purchased the Midnight Blue and Arctic Frost and OMG the look is just PURE LUXURY! Then; you get to feel them and my oh my they are just heavenly!  Both family members I purchased the blankets for were just blown away with the look and feel but then once they sat with the blankets over them, they just sort of melted and relaxed almost instantly. They use them all the time!

I was so taken by the effect these weighted blankets had that I purchased one for myself and I must be honest and say I have not slept so soundly in a while! The weight of the blanket has such a calming effect and that paired with running your hand over the lush fabric just puts me in such a calm state I fall asleep pretty much straight away, no more tossing and turning for ME!

Amanda Smith, July 26, 2018.

I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome products. You have made them something amazing for kids and adults. My daughter is so in love with her new weighted blanket and cushion. They have given her a beautiful sense of calm when needed.

Thank you so much for making amazing stuff. I will be back to get another one for my son too. Your work is amazing and I'm so grateful for people like you that make our world so much brighter.

Naomi, M. July 26, 2018.

My Happy Senses weighted blanket and cushions are among my absolute favourite sources of comfort and relief. The weighted blanket gives me warmth and a sense of safety when I'm feeling anxious or down, and the fur texture is distracting in the best possible sense! It evokes a meditative experience that soothes and quietens my mind and relaxes my body.

I absolutely love both my cushions and my blanket; they play a huge part in my mental health treatment, and enjoyment of life.

Barbie, C. February 24, 2017.

I was so excited to take my little basket of goodies to school today. The sensory pods were a hit with my students - just the right size and textures to choose from. Perfect for my music classes - where children can hold them for mat time and easily put them down for a game...

One boy (9 years old) who has sensitivity to sound used the lap blanket while I sang song stories for the class. He also joined in singing games and playing xylophones with felt mallets.  At the end of the lesson he told me 'He felt the best calming feeling in music ever.' So happy for this student today. Love your work - Thank you so much!

Veronica, P. July 23, 2018.

I absolutely love my Happy Senses weighted cushion! It's a really simple and effective calming tool that helps me feel in control of my stress levels. Lying down with it on my chest for five or ten minutes a day really helps me feel calm and centred, and I use it when I'm stressed out as well as just whenever I want to relax and take a break.

I've showed so many of my friends who were all amazed at how relaxing it is to lie with the cushion on their chest. The soothing weight is perfect for helping me calm down and refocus after a long or stressful day, and it's also very comforting to sit with it on my lap if I'm reading or watching TV. Thank you!

Ella, J. March 2, 2017.

I must say that I'm delighted by the works of your creativity, and at the same time I'm deeply moved.

I've purchased Furry Delights, weighted blankets and cushions, and I must say that I'm more than satisfied. Not only is your work beautiful, but it also turns that beauty into kindness towards others, by creating alternatives for those like me, with autism, and many others who struggle with disabilities, to show that helping is a magnificent and noble way to make the world colourful and worthy of living in.

Thank you for your beautiful and colourful work.

Ana, A. June 27. 2017.

My daughter has anxiety sleeping alone and comes into my bed nearly every night. Our first night with the weighted blanket (we call it a hug rug - just like mum's arm over her giving her a hug!), she slept in her own bed all night, yay! Thank you!

Trace, M. September 4, 2017.

I just wanted to let you know that the weighted cushion that I purchased from you for my daughter has been a great success. She was immediately attracted to it as the cushion was in her favourite colours.

​We explained to her that if she becomes angry or upset she can either cuddle the cushion or put it on her lap, so now when she gets angry she goes straight for the cushion and puts it on her lap. We have noticed since she began using the cushion she has learned to settle herself down very quickly after a meltdown.

Thanks for helping our daughter and us!

Jo Naismith. February 21, 2017.