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Happy Senses: The Sensory Wellness Experts.

Established in 2013 and founded by sensory artist, designer, PhD researcher and 2016 Young Social Pioneer, Dr Bliss Cavanagh - Happy Senses specialises in creating luxury sensory products with therapeutic benefits.
We believe that weighted blankets should look and feel as good as the benefits they produce. That's why we've created the next level of sensory products that offer calmness and happiness... in style!
Our reputation for luxurious textures, celebrations of colour, and a flair for furry lights, sets us apart from the rest.


Bliss Cavanagh | Happy Senses Founder

 About Bliss

"Our entire experience of life is constructed through our senses. Everything that we see, hear, smell, touch and taste has a direct impact on our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. We have the power to change these responses by engaging our senses in particular ways - this is what Happy Senses is all about. We provide sensory wellness solutions with our luxury range of sensory products to support health and well-being." - Bliss


See our other work at www.sensoryspaces.com.au